About Us

Glowbal Flooring Pty Ltd was founded in 1983 (then trading as Glowbal Imports & Exports).

Our goal to offer total solutions for interior decoration and Majority of the business is made of wholesaling of flooring products which now include rugs, laminate flooring, tiles and wall-to-wall carpeting – inculding meeting the requirements of special products such as; Mayfair Musjid (islamic prayer House) 2,500m2 of carpeting , Markas Musjid (islamic prayer House) 1,000m2 of carpeting wich of both is are in Mayfair,Johannesburg, South Africa; the Noor islam Mosque which is about 2,750m2 ( one of the biggest musjids in Johannesburg) in Lenasia; Crosby Musjid which is about 800m2; and King William’s Town Musjid which is about 700m2.

Glowbal Flooring Pty Ltd has also done cross border projects such as the Limbe Musjid in Blatyre, Malawi, Majid Ebrahim in Perth, Australia, as well as in Canada and USA

Ninety percent of our rugs are imported from Belgium.

Our products are reasonably priced, top quality flooring solutions, catering mainly for the middle to upper income group. LSM 6 to 10.

We pride ourselves on innovation and strive to keep ahead of market trends at all times.

We have shown incredible growth, and our aim is to grow to even greater heights with House and Home over the next financial year, have attended a prestigious award from this group in 2007 and 2009 as the best carpet supplier of the Year.